Wheelchair Van Services in the Baltimore Metro Area

Since 1998, we have been providing wheelchair transportation solutions for individuals, hospitals and nursing home facilities in Maryland and Delaware.

We welcome the opportunity to transport you, your family member, or your patient.

One of our Customer Care Coordinators will be happy to assist you in scheduling your next transport and answer any questions you may have.

East Coast Wheelchair provides:

  • Door to Door service
  • 24 hour availability
  • Courteous and punctual drivers

Consider East Coast Wheelchair service for:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Hospital discharges
  • Nursing facility discharges
  • Special occasions
  • Social events
  • Dialysis

Our wheelchair vans are built to custom specifications and incorporate refinements developed through many years of experience providing wheelchair accessible transportation.

Our wheelchair vans are maintained to the highest standards and serviced regularly with annual state inspections. The Maryland State Public Service Commission has licensed each of our units, and all are ADA compliant.

Wheelchair Van FAQs

Does Medicare pay for wheelchair transportation?

No. Medicare does not pay for wheelchair van transportation. Medicare does not view wheelchair service as a medical form of transportation. Fortunately, wheelchair van service is less expensive than an ambulance transport.

Will you transport a patient out of state?

Yes. We will transport a patient out of the area. Please call a customer care coordinator to discuss your options.

May I ride along with the patient?

Yes. One person may ride with the patient.

What does a ride typically cost?

Everything's based on mileage, so it varies. But the average wheelchair van transport in the Baltimore area will cost you about $68. Our base rate is $60 and after that it's two dollars per mile. So with the average trip in this area only being about 4 miles, that equals $68.

Are wheelchair transport services insurance deductible?

No, most insurances will deny it unless it's contained within their care package. Some managed care programs allow for a limited number of transports per year, but again, most major insurances do not cover this service.

What are some other (cheaper, or free) options for medical transport in Maryland?

In our area, your one main option for low-cost wheelchair van service is the Maryland Transit Administration, MTA. If you qualify for medical assistance, they will provide wheelchair van transport. The one way fare for this service is $2.00.

Keep in mind, wheelchair van transport is really for people who need the wheelchair at all times. Some of the people we transport can't get in and out of their house, but they're not totally dependent on a wheelchair at all times either. If this is the case, other modes of transport (like family, a cab, or an Uber or Lyft) might suffice.

Is a wheelchair van an appropriate mode of transport to go to the doctor?

No. Medicare does not pay for wheelchair van transportation. Medicare does not view wheelchair service as a medical form of transportation. Fortunately, wheelchair van service is less expensive than an ambulance transport.

What if I need to book a ride out-of-state?

We've taken people to Florida, Ohio, and even California. We'll give you a quote for your trip. If it's really far, say it's an eight-hour trip, we'll add in the cost of a hotel fee for the driver. So it varies. You can give us a call for a customized quote.

Can you help arrange air medical transportation?

Yes, we can definitely help you find an appropriate air transport company. Air transport may be cheaper than ground in some cases. So we'll help match you with the right mode. We'll price shop for you and give you options. We'll look out for your best interests.

I'm not sure which mode of transport is right for me or my patient/family member. Can you help me?

Of course. When you call, our care coordinators will talk to the family and ask a series of questions to determine what mode of transport best suits that customer. For example, if it's a long distance transport, sitting in a car for six hours is one thing, but sitting in a wheelchair is another. In that instance, we would recommend ambulance services instead.

What if I'm looking for employment as a wheelchair van driver in Maryland?

Here in Maryland you have to be licensed by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Once they approve you, then you can drive a for-hire vehicle.

If you're interested, we'll take care of all that for you as part of our training and onboarding process. Visit our employment section to learn how you can apply as a wheelchair van driver today.

What cities/locations does East Coast serve?

We're based just outside of Baltimore in Parkville, Maryland, but our various satellite offices allow us to service customers in Dover, DE, College Park, MD, Elkton, MD, and beyond. Not sure if we serve your area, give us a call. If not, we'll direct you to a provider best suited for you.

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