Why Yoga Will Make You a Better EMT

Posted by Christian C. on 2018-06-05 13:12:08


Yoga for EMTs | East Coast Ambulance


Want a quick way to get better at your job as an EMT? Try Yoga.

We know what you're thinking. "You've got to be kidding. Me? Do Yoga?"

Yes you. Here's a quick breakdown on why yoga is great for EMTs and how you can get started today.


Yoga is easy

Despite popular misconception, you don't have to be fantastically flexible to get into yoga. A complete beginner can get underway with just a carpet and an internet connection. There are plenty of resources available on Youtube to get you practicing yourself in no time.


Yoga is effective

Yoga has been shown to increase flexibility and overall mobility. Being limber is very important as an EMT considering you're constantly lifting and assisting patients.


Yoga can help prevent injuries

Along the same lines, when you're doing your job without being in good physical shape, you are more prone to injuries. Yoga can keep you slimmer, flexible, calm, and more prepared and therefore less vulnerable to getting hurt on the job. And that's the last thing you'd want to do.



Yoga relieves stress

As you know, working as an EMT can be very demanding on your mind and body. Working long hours with difficult patients can take its toll on you. But with regularly practicing yoga, you'll be able to lower your overall stress level and better your health. Stress has been shown to have all sorts of negative health consequences, so anything you can do to reduce it is worth a shot, right?





So what are you waiting for? Give yoga a try. What could be the harm? You might actually love it and make it a daily practice. Want some videos to get you started? Here's one below.



Did you know there's actually an organization dedicated to teaching yoga to first responders?


Check them out here at http://yogaforfirstresponders.org/


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