The Story of Miss Margaret: How East Coast Ambulance Got Its Start

Posted by Christian C. on 2017-05-12 14:23:09


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In the mid 1990's, a 25 year-old blue-collar Emergency Medical Technician met Miss Margaret, an aging senior at a nursing home who needed dialysis treatment three times a week. The young EMT never knew his grandparents. They had passed away when he was a very small child. Miss Margaret was the quintessential Norman Rockwell Grandmother with a family that had abandoned her. As the months passed, the two connected deeply on an emotional level and developed a natural family bond during trips every other day, week after week, month after month.

During this time, the young man witnessed firsthand his newly adopted Grandma receive low-quality care at her nursing home and with her various other health care providers. Through this experience, he came to understand the systemic improvements desperately needed in the care of seniors.

He knew that there had to be a better way to treat people. If someone could provide a service that preserved the dignity and respect of seniors, mixed with a strong blue-collar, "old school," service-oriented work ethic, there would be a demand for that business.

This business would need to offer the very best service based on kindness for these very special people.

And so it was Miss Margaret who inspired me to found East Coast Ambulance Service in February of 1998. It began with one unit and a handful of similar seniors – Miss Anna, Miss Lois and Mr. Harry… who gave me my start.


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A look at a few of our different modes of transport here at East Coast.


Over the years, East Coast Ambulance Service has grown into a sophisticated community medical transportation company. We now transport close to 50,000 seniors annually, and every person is compassionately cared for by our 200 employees selected, hired, and trained with my core values in mind.

We've never wanted to be the biggest, just the very best at what we do – caring for each and every one of our patients as family with dignity, respect, kindness and compassion.




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Mike Rosellini is an EMT-P, entrepreneur, and founder of East Coast Ambulance.




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