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EMTs are healthcare heroes who help people and play a crucial role in their patients lives. Are you considering a career as an EMT? Here are just some of the many benefits of getting into this field --- and some answers to frequently asked questions to get you started.



Advancement Opportunities

Many doctors and nurses begin their medical careers as EMTs. The knowledge and skills you'll acquire can help you advance in medical training and career pursuits. As an EMT at a private service, there's also plenty of opportunity to move up to a supervisory role.



Growth Potential

EMTs working for an ambulance service treat a variety of medical problems, and can transfer these skills to grow within the medical industry.



Serving your Community

There's tremendous satisfaction that comes with helping others as you play an important and positive role in society. A career in EMS can be very rewarding in this regard.

You are the person responsible for the patient's medical care during the trip. It may sound daunting, but you will be trained to handle just about any scenario with a partner to help you.






Job Security

Healthcare in general is one of the fastest-growing job sectors, and there will always be a need for qualified and capable EMTs.




Working in EMS allows for tons of flexibility with students who need to balance work and school. Students can work as a school-compatible activity while still having time to devote to their education through part-time programs.


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Every day is a new experience. Attending events, going out on calls, taking continuing education classes, there really isn't an average work day as an EMT. You will gaining real-world knowledge that will shape you as a better medical professional and as a person.




You'll build lasting relationships with your colleagues. EMTs typically work in pairs or as a team and rely on one another for support and assistance. This type of team experience is valuable no matter what your ultimate career aspirations.




You'll work in conjunction with physicians, nurses, case managers, social workers, and other healthcare professionals. Working in EMS will allow you to expand your network, grow your contacts list, and make meaningful connections with a wide variety of medical professionals.



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Becoming an EMT FAQs

How much does it cost to become an EMT in Maryland?

EMT training is offered by community colleges, universities, private ambulance companies, and stand-alone training firms. The cost typically runs about $800 to $1200.

How long does it take to become an EMT?

Depending on the pace of the course, you can get EMT certified in as little as three months.

What certifications will I need?

You'll need to complete your EMT-B training, pass your NREMT practical exam. You'll also need to pass a MIEMSS-approved Maryland EMT Skills Refresher Course. Finally, you must also be affiliated with an EMS agency.

How old do you have to be?

EMTs must be 18 or older.




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